Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Final Chapter

The entire town including the base was now under attack!  The Romanos were taken to the Command Center inside the bunker.  Steven got Nia and Jadan seated, and then he went over to the commanding officer on duty to talk with him.

As Steven approached the Colonel, a soldier called the colonel over to see his monitor.  

"Sir, the targets appear to be learning.  They are decimating our aircraft!"

"Tell all remaining aircraft to fall back!"

Suddenly, the attack ceased.  

"Mommy is it over?"

"I don't know, Sweetie, but I hope so."

"I feel funny again."

A few days after his birthday, Jadan had told his parents that he felt funny.  Nia had asked him if it was funny in a good way or in a bad way.  He'd told her that he didn't know yet.  Steven had asked him if he felt any pain.  Jadan had said that he didn't feel any pain, but he couldn't explain what he meant by "funny." 

So they had jokingly told him that it was probably just his body adjusting to being a big boy now!  They had told him to let them know if something happened that bothered him.  They weren't really concerned then, but Nia was a bit concerned now that Jadan mentioned it again.  However, she hoped that this time it was because he hadn't eaten dinner.  They had been told to help themselves to anything that they would like in the breakroom.
"I'll make you a sandwich."
Nia made him a sandwich, and Jadan ate it hungrily.  She smiled seeing how much he was enjoying it.  Hopefully, he would be okay now.

A soldier came over to Steven and introduced herself.  

"I'm Major Amanda Simpson.  I'm glad to see that you and your family made it here safely."

Amanda looked at Steven curiously.   He and his family seemed to be very important to Agent Roberts.   Agent Roberts was a part of the government task force trying to find a solution to the mutant problem.   Amanda was an astrophysicist and had been reassigned to lend her expertise to the task force.  She was supposed to begin her new assignment the following week, but the events of today had changed all of that. 

"Thank you, Major.  I'm Steven Romano."

Colonel Reagan called her over.  "We have the images you requested."  She quickly excused herself from Steven.

Amanda sat down and studied the images on her monitor.  They were images of the alien's downed crafts.  

Colonel Reagan went over to Steven.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Romano, but I don't have time for pleasantries.  I have orders to ensure the safety of you and your family."

He called to an airman.   

"Airman Roberts take Mr. Romano and his family to some quarters in the bunker."

"Colonel, I appreciate your efforts, but I need to know what is going on!"

Before the Colonel could answer,  the communications officer requested that he come over to his station.  They had received a message from NORAD, and then all of their communications systems had gone out.  He started reading the last messages received to the Colonel.

"Sir, all of the mutants worldwide have disappeared.  It is believed that the alien aircraft have taken them." 

The communication's officer paled. 

"Out with it airman!"

"Sir, the enemy decapitated us worldwide in one blow.  Even our secondary systems of communication have been wiped out.  I don't know if there are any other survivors."

"Are our communication systems here at the base still intact?"

"No sir.  The radio system has also been interrupted.  I'm working to restore it and the satellite system now.  I do have another message that I received internally before the interruption.  It is from Airman Briggs stating that our families have made it safely into the bunker and the entrance is sealed."

The Colonel relayed the message to the others in the room and those who had families breathed a collective sigh of relief.  The relief was only momentary.  Just as the airman got the hookup to the satellite re-established, the large tactical screen lit up!  It showed many aircraft converging on their location.  The lights blinked off for a few moments and then came back on again.  

An airman rushed into the room!

"Colonel!  The entrance has been breached!"

A few hours after the airman's announcement, the battle was still raging!  The colonel had ordered that the weapons locker be opened, and now even Steven and Nia were armed.  The base had suffered heavy casualties and human lives were still being lost.

Amanda found the Colonel.  "Sir, the adiabatic conductor in the absorptance system of the extraterrestrial crafts could be changed with an afocal lense if I can get through the crafts acoustic shielding."

"Once again and in English this time, Major!"

"Sorry Sir!  I found a weakness in the crafts.  Jenkins and I have rigged together an afocal lense to use as a weapon.  Permission to take a team to the surface to test it, Sir?"

"Permission granted!  And Amanda, be careful!"

"You too!"

The Romanos were still in Central Command because it was still one of the most heavily fortified areas in the bunker.  The part of the bunker where the families of the base personnel were being housed had been sealed and blocked as soon as the bunker had been breached by the enemy.  So the Romanos had remained in the safety of the Command Center. 

Steven volunteered to join the group going to test the weapon.   He felt that he had to do something to ensure his family's longterm safety.   

He hugged and kissed his family quickly.  Nia didn't want him to go, but she understood why he felt the need to do so.

Amanda and her team fought their way to the surface.  They provided cover for her as she started her weapon.  

They all cheered when some of the alien's aircrafts began to be effected and fall from the sky!   The other aircrafts quickly withdrew!  

However, there were still aliens inside the bunker engaged in a vicious battle with the military troops who were struggling to survive and protect their families.  
"We have to get back inside to Command so that we can send a message about the weapon to other survivors!"

They fought their way back inside the bunker and back to Command.  Nia and Jadan were relieved that Steven had made it back to them safely. The communication's officer broadcasted a message about the weapon and how to build it.  They had no idea if there were any other survivors to hear it.    

The fighting reached the Communication's Center.   

They were low on ammo and many of the base personnel were dead or seriously injured.  

Nia and Steven placed their children between the two of them.  Jadan called urgently to Nia, and she knelt down to him.  Nia's eyes widened in shock!  

Jadan's eyes had changed into that of the aliens who had abducted them!  Whether the aliens had intended it or not, he was acting as an Empath between Nia and the aliens.

Alien images and thoughts raced through her mind.  It finally became clear to her that the aliens had come to the base specifically to take her and Jadan.  

She saw a war between the two dying species that shared the alien planet.  One of the species were warmongers intent on taking what they wanted by force.  They were called the Voc.  

The other group were intellectuals, scientists and doctors intent on finding a way to preserve their species.  They were called the Zapotec.

Both species had lost the ability to reproduce and for centuries they had practiced cloning.  However, the cloning was no longer successful, and their races were dying out.  The intellectuals discovered the existence of the earth and the humans who lived upon it.  They began secretly conducting genetic experiments on the humans without any hope until they found Nia.  Jadan was their only success.  

Unbeknownst to them, the Voc had discovered the experiments and forced a Zapotec to sabotage their efforts.  During Jadan's last abduction before he had become ill, he had received an inoculation on the alien ship.  The inoculation had sickened him and spread a virus that had resulted in the mutants.  

The Voc had taken the mutants from the earth and destroyed them and destroyed most of the Zapotec not realizing that the mutants were the solution to the reproduction problem for both races.  Now they wanted Nia and Jadan with the intent to kill them eventually as well.  Nia fleetingly wondered why they had been able to take the mutants but unable to take her and Jadan in the same way.  Then she perceived that there was something about Jadan that prevented them.  

The Voc also wanted control of the earth to consume its resources after eradicating humanity.  However, they hadn't expected such strong opposition from the human race.  Humanity possessed a strong will to survive.  

Nia suddenly returned to awareness of what was happening around her.  A Voc was headed toward her!  Steven was out of ammo, and Amanda was unconscious.  He pushed Nia out of the way, and the Voc's ray hit him instead of Nia.  Nia screamed as Steven gripped his stomach!   

She grabbed her weapon to fire, but she knew that the Voc would fire before she could get a shot off.  Jadan looked at the Voc and yelled, "Leave my Mommy alone!"  Before Nia could stop him, he stood up in between his family and the Voc.

All of the Voc ceased fighting, and their eyes were focused on Jadan.  

His eyes glowed and a force emanated from his hands.  Nia felt the Voc's fear and surprise.  Jadan possessed power that was not found in the Voc nor the Zapotec.    

The Voc began to disintegrate as their atoms broke apart!  The same thing happened to all of the Voc located throughout the base. 

After they all disappeared, Jadan went over to his father.   Steven was in a lot of pain and close to death.  Nia knelt beside Steven.  

Jadan focused on his father and his eyes glowed again.  

Jadan's body was shaking with the effort.  

Steven looked into his son's eyes.  As he did so, his body began to heal.   

When his father was safe, Jadan collapsed to the floor, unconscious.  

Six months after the war with the aliens was over,  Nia and Steven returned home.  They looked around their destroyed town.  

Worldwide, cities and towns were in the same condition.  They had lost many friends during the battle with the Voc.  Nia's parents had died.  

Things that they had taken for granted were no longer there.  There was no electricity without generators, and various other aspects of modern civilization were not available now.

They arrived at the remnants of their home.

"What do we do now?"

Adriana was laughing happily.  She was growing and thriving despite everything she and her family had experienced over the past year.

Jadan came running over to them with his cousin, Estella.  Steven's family had ridden a boat back to the U.S. when travel had begun again between continents.  Only now were survivors returning to their towns and homes.  There was no car, bus or train transportation yet.  So the Romanos and their family had walked to Great Bear, camping at night or staying in abandoned buildings when possible.  

Nia caught Jadan in her arms and hugged him close.  Jadan no longer had that "funny feeling," and the power that he had demonstrated during the battle at the base seemed to have disappeared or gone dormant again.  Nia and Steven were the only ones who had witnessed what Jadan had done to the Voc, and how he had healed Steven.  Thanks to their brave little son, they were all together, healthy and safe. The earth was still their own.

Steven answered Nia's question.  "We rebuild our world and make it even better than it was before!"

Nia smiled at him and accepted the happy fact that the long nightmare was finally  over!  She and her family were really free!


Thank you for the patience of everyone who followed the story.  I apologize for such a long time in between updates.  I hope you still enjoyed reading Mutation!  



  1. I completely enjoyed this whole story. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed it, Pinky! That means a lot to me!

      I rewrote the final chapter two times, and I still wasn't sure about it. Thank you for reading my story, and not giving up on it! :)

  2. Wow. Such talent. I loved this story, it kept me on the edge of my seat. You are so talanted,I love how it ended but I'm sad to say bye to these characters.

    1. You are always encouraging! Thank you so much Michelle! Thank you for reading it!

  3. ~ Wow! Well done I loved it all, I had some catching up to do several times,(PC problems,RL did not help at times!LOL)
    ~ I am so glad everything eventually turned out,as at one stage I could not see a way out!(for the Humans!)
    ~ But all's well now, I loved this & hope you will still keep writing, as I am looking forward to more!
    ~ Thanks for sharing! (",)

  4. Thanks Karima! I'm really happy that you loved it! It was looking really bad for humanity and they almost didn't make it.

    Awww, that is so sweet of you to say! I do plan to keep writing, but it will be a good while before I share another story. I'm not going to start sharing another story until I've finished writing all of the chapters so that I won't have long delays in updates like I did with this one.

    Thank you for reading my stories and for all of the encouragement!

  5. Great story, I enjoyed reading it! :)

    1. Thank you Laura! It was a little different type of story for me to write. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  6. That was incredible. I'm sad that its over. With there be a sequel?

    1. Thank you so much Brandy! :) No, I don't have a sequel for it.